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Sarah Hart Watercolours

Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart is a watercolour artist local to Elora, Ontario. Sarah grew up on the Saint Lawrence River whose rugged terrain nurtured her love of the water and natural environment from insect to pine. Also inspired by the beautiful Grand River, landscapes and images of the natural world are her focus.  

"Sarah's art is full of personality. You can often listen as well as see the emotion in each piece."

Come and visit the Studio and Art Gallery; let the paint speak to you as well as the artist of course!

Visit Beautiful Elora

We ship INTERNATIONALLY or, why not come visit the studio and gallery and explore historic Elora on your way! 

Take a walk along the Grand River, explore eclectic local shops, or grab a bite to eat at one of many independently run restaurants.

Commissions and Lessons

Sarah will be happy to take any idea of yours and run with it! Book a private lesson or request your own personalized work of art. Sarah teaches bi-weekly at Heritage River and has hosted dozens of private lessons. She is fun and will teach you a lot without you even realizing it!  If you aren't having fun...We're doing something wrong!

Ask her about it!

Contact the Artist

Better yet, see Sarah in person!

42 Church Street East, Elora, Ontario

(519) 846-8683


By appointment, or just a knock on the door!